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Nolvadex said..
Hey Great Website! Love the Looks of the Show!

Rocket Man said..
I am always looking for great shows. Thanks!

Somal said..

Some really interesting things you have hear on just the sort of show I was searching for ? .

Eve said..

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your show is awesome, amazing work and beautiful tattoos on display.

Torre said..

Want to go to a show thats got style, class and bravado. I mean it. Come to the Ink and Iron i have never been disappointed in the 4 years i have gone

Anthony said..

Just wanted to say I thoroughly loved the show. Keep up the great work see ya next year

Martin said..
Thank you for putting on this amazing show for me and my friends to attend.

Karen said..
Couldnt be a better show love site is awesome too

Kieran said..

Ink and Iron is terrific. Thank you and maintain up the superior work!

GemTushstoots said..

Loved the Show

Dry Man said..

Looking forward 2016 now, especially after 2015 was Great!!!

Sue said..

Love the Show

fruts said..

It Looks Awesome This Year !!!!!!!!

James said..

Great Show can’t wait for next year now! Bring on 2016!

rachael and Lewis said..

Really enjoyed yesterdays show was worth driving down from bristol! The music, tattoos, bikes and of course the beer was fantastic! Looking forward to next year ?

Steve said..
Great show cant wait for next years, if its as good as the last one it will be great.

James said..

The Last Show was awesome can’t wait for this one

skinny al said..

cant wait for next show it will be worth waiting for

Harry said..

3 great shows this year, Ink & Iron, Rock & Blues and Charlies Ink..well done all concerned..

Gaz@Just Tattoos said..

Can’t wait for next years show. Am sure it’s gonna be as awsome as ever. Keep up the good work guy’s, glad your back.

HOS said..
I enjoyed the show a great deal ! A great venue, great location and plenty of space for bikes and cars.
Thanks to all !

paula said..

great new site , cant wait for 2016

Ian 1%er said..

Not long now to the Rock & Blues….

Tony said..

Great Show.

Rita said..

had a great time at show, nice venue, see you all next year.

Tiny Terrors said..

Had a brilliant day, everyone was really friendly and welcomed us.. even if we are a bit different from the norm. Hope to see you all again next time!

Ian 1%er said..

Thanks too everyone that attended this Years Ink and Iron, I thought it was a very good day and the new venue worked very well, hope too see you all again next year….Ian

karen bham said..

looking forward to show missed it last year best show we have been to cant wait

Emma. Bham said..

can’t wait for the show. been waiting for this for months on end. i would never go to another show. this show is one of the best shows ive been to.

Dick said..

Great too see the show back